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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (photos from the Pumpkin Farm)

Jade and Brendan/Cammi and Brendan
Made using Project Life App (which I totally love!!!!)

Piggies nibbling at Ben's shoes
Little man taking it all in

Eddie and Kayla as pumpkin heads

Ben in the corn maze

Cammi and Jade (forefront) in the maze
Hide and seek in the maze
Pumpkin picker

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Picking!

Spent Saturday with the family at Schramm’s Farms & Orchards.  I enjoy when the families get together.  We have children of all ages so there is a playmate for everyone.  Even the big kids!  The day was COLD!  Dressed in jeans and heavy jackets, off the kiddies ventured into the fields, each excited, hunting for their own special pumpkin.  I loved the shouts when each found what “must” be the biggest they’d ever seen.  Contests of who could find the biggest or the tiniest or the roundest ensued.  A few of us, okay, mostly us elder kiddies looked for the smallest.  I wanted small, round pumpkins this year to adorn the mantel in the living room.  Kayla, ever on the lookout for the biggest, settled for an adorable round pumpkin on the smaller side as did, surprise! all of the kiddies. 

Jake and Brendan

Once the pumpkins were purchased, the families split up to go their own way.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for their $5.00 meal deal (can’t beat that) and then took Cammi and Jade home.  Elliot had been sick on the way out (poor little guy), he’s cutting top back teeth, so we didn’t make any of our other planned stops, instead drove home and took naps (we had gotten up EARLY to pick up Cammi and Jade by 8:30). 


Back at home after Mom left, K and I (with little E’s assistance) finally winterized the porches (it’s just been on my To-Do List for weeks!).  Now I can check that chore off!

My feeble attempts to get the gang all together for a photo

Pure silliness!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Personal Goals for October

Each month, since I feel there is so much I must want to do (and accomplish), I feel the need to make a list (to add to the multitude of other lists I have everywhere). Awww, who doesn’t like a list??  This month’s list touches on just a smattering of what I would like to finish or start. I know I will keep adding to it, I just hope I’ll be crossing off a few.  
  1. Finish Kayla’s crocheted poncho
  2. Buy yarn for the next crochet project (K asked for another poncho and I haven't even finished the first.  Oh, the faith of a young one. She’s already chosen the yarn, I went on a search for a different type pattern than the one I am using now and we both agreed on this one, found on the Lion Brand Yarns website.  
  3. Finish painting Kayla’s room, change her bedding and lay the new carpets.
  4. Read a Halloween themed book.  I so enjoy themed books and especially like the mysteries written by Leslie Meier.  I've downloaded from Barnes & Noble, Trick or Treat Murder for this month's read.
  5. With Kayla, plan the Halloween party/lunch menu.
  6. Send Halloween cards.
  7. Decorate the house for the witching hour.
  8. Winterize the front and back porch.
  9. Put together the album I plan to use for Ali Edwards' Week in the Life beginning on October 27, 2014.
So, that's my little goal list for October. Now to get to crossing off...

Have a Happy Day!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things to do in October!

The other day I blogged a list of fun things to do the month of October.  As I have said a thousand times, "this IS my most favorite time of the year," and I want to enjoy each and every moment of it. Therefore, I took a good look at that initial list and realized there is so much more to do through October and well into November.  Plus, these next few months will be even more enjoyable now that Elliot is walking and communicating (in his way) and is totally awed by every new experience. Seeing October through his bright eyes will bring such joy.  

HERE is our much improved and more complete list (which we will surely add to...again) of fun things to do in October:

Crochet a sweater
Winterize the yard(s) and porch(es)
Take a walk in the woods
Gather colorful leaves to press and tape in a journal
Shop the Church’s biannual rummage sale
Visit the pumpkin farm - buy pumpkins and apples
Bake apple dumplings, pumpkin pies, apple bread, pumpkin muffins
Go on a haunted hayride; or tour a haunted house
Go to Zoo Boo
Host a Halloween party
Have a scary movie day – make popcorn, apple cider and ghostly treats
Buy mittens/gloves, matching scarf/hat – be prepared
Make batches of your favorite soup, one of mine is winter squash soup with gruyere croutons for cool nights
Carve pumpkins
Roast pumpkin seeds
Gather all the Halloween movies and books into a basket and set beside t.v. for family nights together.
Make taffy apples.
Go to a football game
Bake a fall casserole 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcome October!

The month of October yields a crop of fun activities, the list is endless!  Halloween is the theme for this family and we are busy planning our annual Halloween luncheon/party. Kayla asked to host this year, and she is supercharged. She already has her costume - a pretty Snow White number ordered off the Internet  in early August. With my wild super curly hair,  I'm thinking lion or witch. For little E, we have yet to decide. All I know is this will be a fun month! Here is our list of things to do in October:

• decorate the house with bats and witches, skeletons, ghosts and lots of pumpkins;
• visit a pumpkin farm (here at our end of town, we visit Schramm Farms & Orchards);
• go on a hayride;
• walk through a haunted house (a favorite of ours is the haunted house AND Zoo Boo offered by the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium);
• get outdoors! Go for a hike and collect pretty color leaves for decoration and craft projects (Better Homes & Gardens offers an array of leaf projects; 
• make candy or caramel apples;
• host a scary movie marathon;
• read Halloween themed books (a favorite of Elliot's is:
I have always had a fondness for Leslie Meier's holiday themed books and this one is no exception:

• winterize the porch(es);
• hand out candy;
• go trick or treating!

Whatever you choose to do this October, have FUN!



Tuesday, September 9, 2014


...Elliot has taken to climbing up the stairs.  He has yet to come back down the proper way.  We need more baby gates and doors need to be shut...
...Kayla is still making a "beautiful" mess with inks, dyes and coconut oil...
...although the dishes still aren't getting washed...
...the plates are getting licked clean...
... and every day is a guacamole day.
It is so busy around here and I keep having to stop myself and say, HEY! this is your favorite time of year, take a moment, look around, enjoy it!
Kayla is being homeschooled this year.  We've settled on a curriculum and a schedule that we hope works for us. My job keeps me away from the house an average of ten hours a day (that includes travel) and between shopping, dinner, laundry, baths and schoolwork, it's ALOT.  AND, I love it!  I really do, though if finances permitted it, I would love to cut down on the work week hours.
ANYHOO, we did "chase" the Harvest Moon last night.  From the back of the house windows, the view was AWESOME!  Here is our best shot from "the chase."

Taken with my iphone 4.  Doesn't do it justice, but it's what we had and we were in a car. We had FUN.