Friday, July 3, 2015

WHEN IT RAINS: A List of Things to do When it’s too Wet to go Outside.

Here in Pittsburgh, we’ve had lots of rain, especially on the weekends.  Here is a list of what we’ve done on those rainy days.

1.  Get cozy on the couch, grab some soft blankets, cuddle and read a book.  I am currently reading A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, author of the blog Orangette.

2.  Or have a movie marathon.  We just had one on a recent, very rainy Sunday.  We watched The Judge, with Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Duvall (loved it!); Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, and Home (for Elliot).

3.  Work on a project – crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook.  I am currently crocheting a sweater and snowflakes.

4.  Work on a jigsaw puzzle.  We keep a spare cardboard table just for jigsaw puzzles. 

5.   Take a nap.  Nuff’ said.

6.  Bake something yummy.  Like, cupcakes, banana bread, cookies.  Get the whole family involved.  Elliot is good at breaking eggs into the bowl (you gotta pick out a few shells).  Smell the goodness, laugh, talk.  It’s a wonderful moment.

7.  Play a board game. Currently, the game of Clue is number one in this household.

8.  Have a DIY spa day.  Kayla and I love these impromptu moments when we decide to have a spa day.  They are rarely planned.  We do our nails (fingers and toes). Soak, moisturize, polish.  We do facials.  We deep condition our hair.  We talk, laugh, sing, dance.

9.  Make soup.  Like Tomato, and serve with toasted cheese sandwiches.

10.  Spend countless hours on the floor playing Thomasthe Train with Elliot, or building sculptures and garages for his cars with Legos.

11.  This one is contradictory to the list, BUT it’s been a family favorite for a long as I can remember.  Go for a run in the rain.  Just a week or so ago when Amanda’s boys were over and it began raining, I challenged them to a race in the rain.  We got drenched, laughed, jumped in puddles, they climbed the hillside, a memory made, it was great!

What are your favorite things to do when it rains?

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Watching:   True Detective, Season 2.  The second episode was a mind blower.  Looking forward to the next.  Orange is the New Black, Season 3.  Not sure if I like it as much as the first two seasons.  I’m on the sixth episode, so time will tell.  Sex in the City, Season 4. Kayla and I are watching this together.  It’s our secret indulgence.  I think I watch this just for the fashions.  I’d love to have Charlotte’s wardrobe.

Eating:  Peanut butter toast.  For breakfast, for bedtime snack.  With hot tea.  And banana drizzled with honey.  We just brought back a jar of honey from Lancaster County on our recent road trip.  Have had it on vanilla ice cream. In hot tea. On bananas.  Sooo good.

Drinking:   Hot tea, diet pepsi (or coke), white chocolate mochas (Starbucks).

Playing:   Covet on my iphone.  Kayla and I compare fashions and discuss wins every evening. 

Looking Forward to:   This upcoming three day weekend.  Maybe the drive-in. Definitely, lots of cooking (and eating) for the 4th, board games, dessert at Jayme’s, fireworks at Monroeville Mall.

Reading: A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg.

Enjoying: planning how to use, and decorating my own personal Get To Work Book.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday - my favorites of the week

* Elliot watering the garden and then watering himself, K and me on a particularly hot day. Such fun!
* Me and K and E relaxing on the front porch. Talking, reading, playing. Perfect!
* The finale of Games of Thrones, though I texted a friend that I was cancelling my HBO.
* Cheeseburger Pie.  Quick and easy. Thanks Pillsbury!
* True Detective starts Sunday! (Good thing I didn't cancel HBO).

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Looking Forward To...

- Our first road trip of the summer!  We will be off to A Day Out With Thomas in Strasburg, PA.

E's artwork using the Thomas the Train app
- Making last minute lists
- Finishing laundry
- Cleaning house
- Packing the car

We return on Tuesday.  I am so excited to see Elliot's reaction to it all!!! You can see it all on our Instagram at Trish Drake @trishmd.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recipe Revival - Ice Box Cake

Church rummage sales are excellent for finding a tin box chock full of handwritten, or hand-typed recipes.  I must admit to a feeling of sadness, though, that a box of well-loved recipes would end up in a rummage sale and not passed down through the family.  Or kept on a windowsill or shelf in their own kitchen.  After all, it’s a touch of history.  Who makes jello salads these days???  Or ice box cakes??

Which brings me to today’s recipe revival.  A few weeks ago, Kayla had heard the term ice box cake.  She asked what it was.  I told her that to the best of my knowledge they were refrigerator cakes.  Yep, that’s what I told her.  Then we did a little research on the “net,” and found a bit of history and one of the easiest ice box cake recipes ever at Serious Eats.  Nabisco’s Chocolate Wafer Ice Box Cake which we promptly printed out and then went shopping.

Now, we searched high and low for those chocolate wafers but found none (at three different grocery stores).  We ended up buying a box of Nabisco Mini Vanilla wafers.  They worked just fine.

Kayla made the whipped cream using heavy cream, vanilla and sugar.  She excels at making whipped cream.  It’s so good! 

We brought out the cake after our Holiday (Memorial Day) celebration lunch.
Everyone dug in so fast, I almost didn’t get any photos.  This dessert was rich, and delicious.  You can find the original recipe here (we modified it a bit).

I wasn’t home to take photos of Kayla making this cake.  In fact, I barely got pictures at all, jumping up at the last minute to grab the camera as the cake was being cut.