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Friday, October 31, 2014


Every other Saturday I help my daughter out by watching her boys for a few hours.  When it’s “the boys’ weekend,” Kayla and I brainstorm on how to keep them entertained.  They are always up for a walk to the park, or a hike through the woods.  With the approaching holidays, I wanted to incorporate a few crafts (start a few new traditions??) to: 1) teach them about the seasons and the meaning behind the holidays, 2) make them feel apart of the whole process; 3) have something tangible that they themselves made to decorate their rooms with; and 4) the bonus reason – make a memory.

Upon browsing the internet for “fun things to do or make,” I found this fabulous leaf craft idea from Martha Stewart.  Although we did modify the original idea in that we had the boys find sticks to hang their leaves from and instead of beeswax, we mixed up one part glue with one part water to dip the leaves in and we hung the leaves with plain old string.  Basically, we used what we had on hand and the boys were very happy with the end results.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Editorial Calendar for Your Blog – What’s Your Style?

When I first heard about editorial calendars I was intrigued and fascinated.  I am intrigued and fascinated about a lot of things, just ask me how many articles and youtube videos I’ve watched on how people use and/or create their planners.  I could only wonder if an editorial calendar was what I needed to become a more regular blogger. Time will tell.   

I read with great interest “How to create a blog editorial calendar,” found at Launch Grow Joy.  This article really put the whole idea of having a blog post calendar in prospective for me.  I realize the article is directed more for business type blogs, but I got a lot out of it.   

Another article that really was very inspiring to me and directed to bloggers, was found at Tales of Beauty for Ashes.  You can read the original post “Why You Need an Editorial Calendar,” here.

 AND, I can’t even count how many times I’ve visited Michele McGraw’s Pinterest board on editorial calendars.  Oh, the inspiration!!!!

I admire all of it, and while I love jotting lists down in notebooks, I’ve found what is truly working for me (so far) is just keeping a “Post 2014” file saved on my PC.  Below is a look at October 2014.  I type each day of the month.  Then I add any holidays next to the appropriate day.  Then I add any appointments, or parties, or things I have to do.  Then I add potential post titles/ideas.  I have a simple code: (P) published, (S) scheduled, (W) written so I can see at a glance what’s been done.  Then I schedule it. Then I publish it.  Of course, writing a post is half the battle. 

I have also started an “On Reserve” posts file to store posts written and waiting to be published. These will come in handy on those days that I’m rushed or have nothing eventful to write about (most days).  I’ll just add photos and push publish.

On a personal level, I LOVE, love, LoVe my blog. Love it!  I wish I had known about blogging lonnng before I began.  I love being able to look back and see what we did on a particular day.  That very reason is why I have made it a goal to be more intentional with blogging.  I want to REMEMBER IT ALL!

Here’s what my “editorial calendarlooks like.  Note: Lots of empty days, but building steam.

(P) Published (S) Scheduled (W) Written

Blog Posts for October 2014
October 1, 2014:  
October 2, 2014:
October 3, 2014:   (Friday) Welcome October (P)’
October 4, 2014:
October 5, 2014:   Church
October 6, 2014:
October 7, 2014:
October 8, 2014:   Things to Do in October (P)
October 9, 2014:   My Personal Goals for October (P)
October 10, 2014:
October 11, 2014: Watch boys
October 12, 2014: Church (2nd Sunday)
October 13, 2014: Columbus Day
October 14, 2014:
October 15, 2014: Happy Birthday Jacob  (also purchase zoo pass)
October 16, 2014:
October 17, 2014:
October 18, 2014: Pumpkin Farm
October 19, 2014: Church
October 20, 2014:
October 21, 2014: Pumpkin Pickers (P)
October 22, 2014: Wordless Wednesday (pumpkin farm) (P)
October 23, 2014: Routine – Baby’s Bedtime (P)
October 24, 2014: Well Read (p)  (Children’s Hospital for Elliot)
October 25, 2014: Zoo Boo; Top 10 Favorite Horror Flicks post (P) (watch boys, leaf collecting)
October 26, 2014: Church (A sign of the season post) (photos taken) (P) (drop off-Joey); wallet missing
October 27, 2014: Transient (Toxic) Synovitis. (P) Week in the Life 2014 begins;
                             Hair straightening
October 28, 2014: WITL (Monday WITL (P)
October 29, 2014: WITL; Wordless Wednesday – Elliot eats; cancel cards
October 30, 2014: WITL; Project Runway; Put out trash
October 31, 2014: WITL; DAY OFF!! Shopping, cooking. Get new license.
                             Celebrate Halloween

To Do:

Halloween is on October 31.  SEND CARDS TO THE KIDDIES.

Work on Halloween party menu, gather recipes.

WITL – October 27 – November 2.

ON RESERVE POSTS: the leaf project; the acorn project, Around the House (3)

So, that's my editorial calendar. Nothing flowery, or pretty, but currently, what is working.
It's Thursday! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Five favorite dinner photos featuring Elliot

Lunch at Subway
Dinner at Eat n Park
In the kitchen laying across the island shelf 
Dinner at Steak & Shake

Dinner at home

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WITL 2014 - Monday

I warn you now, my days are pretty much by rote.  I get up at 5:30 a.m., follow my morning routine, throw in a load of laundry, and leave for the office.  My house is mostly dark (need NEW lighting ALL OVER!), so my photos, well, they are what they are and I do not do much altering to them.

Today started out cool, weather wise, around 50 degrees with a promise to climb to the high 60's. Fabulous for late October!

I walk to the bus.
Down West towards Kelly
After about a 45 min. bus ride, I get off at Smithfield and Sixth (right at the corner of where I work).
The Henry W. Oliver Building (this is our 2nd year in this building)
Got my water and my coffee, I'm ready!
Me! and yes, I am a morning person.

Pizza and Salad for lunch

Work, Work, Work
I left the office at 4:00 to go to the Salon.  Time for some hair straightening.  

Home again.  It's getting darker earlier.
Elliot eats his dinner while K and I cook ours, talk, clean up the kitchen.

Bath time, play time, tv time. I love capturing E as he watches his favorite shows.
Not much else got done.  I had lost my identity sometime Saturday.  Wallet missing.  Everything in there.  I mean EVERYTHING!!! I've turned my house upside down and cannot find it.  Don't know when or where I could have lost it.  It's sickening.  So, last night was spent, again, cleaning and searching.  Anyway, that's my Monday.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Friday evening was spent at Children’s Hospital for our little Elliot.  Arriving home after work, Kayla and I were going through our usual routine of making dinner while little E played, feeding him and then bathing him, we noticed that he was limping.  I am one to rush to the ER.  I take no chances, I may self-diagnose sometimes, but when it comes to a little one – no games!  We knew he had a touch of a stomach virus earlier in the week (he’s also cutting four more teeth), because he was out of sorts (not his exuberant, happy, loud self), but more quiet plus he threw up a few times. 

By the time we were in the ER, the limp became more pronounced.  Observation and a few x-rays later, we were told it was “Transient (Toxic) Synovitis”.  It appears that it is caused by a viral infection that sometimes settles in the hip joint.  It's mostly found to affect boys.  This can last up to four weeks and can transfer to the other hip joint.  Nothing much to be done, but Motrin to keep the swelling and pain at bay, and lots of rest.  You can read more about Transient (Toxic) Synovitis here.
Our Elliot, he is so beautiful, what a little trooper.  Despite the diagnosis, he is still playful, although quieter, but still a happy, lovable little man.  I will say he was quite taken with this round table/stool at the ER.  I am hoping to find something like it for his room.
Tickle Time

P.S. I am participating in Ali Edwards' WITL 2014.  I look forward to this project each time.  It helps to focus on what's real, what needs done and how life has changed. You can get tons of information about this project here

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Signs of the Autumn Season

It’s Fall here in Pennsylvania as if you couldn’t see that.  So many trees have burst into colors of red, yellow and orange and pumpkins dot rolling fields.  Leaves float gently to the ground carpeting sidewalks.  There is a crispness to the air that has us pulling out packed away sweaters and scarves.  The welcoming scent of burning logs in fireplaces taking off the chill.  On my commute to and from the bus, I am aware of and take note of these little changes, Mother Nature in all her glory.  Autumn in Pennsylvania is simply beautiful.