Thursday, August 27, 2015

Looking Forward To . . .

. . . Learning Something New Every Day in September!

Having participated in Shimelle’s Learn Something NewEveryday project since 2006, it is now a tradition to “learn something new” each day in September.  Once again this year I will be keeping a notebook with me to jot down a few things, of course, the date and then the weather, and then anything that happens out of the ordinary (and not so ordinary).  
I’m super excited this year as Elliot is now 28 mos. and he is teaching us something new every day!  Take yesterday for instance.  He re-enacted his own version of the Harold and the Purple Crayon book.  There was Elliot and the Red Crayon in the kitchen.  Elliot and the Blue Crayon all over the flat screen t.v. and Elliot and the Green Crayon on mirror.  He was EVERYWHERE!  Did we scream and cry? No, we had a good laugh.  But not until after we told him that drawing on anything other than the paper and especially the TV is not such a good thing.  Then we wiped all the crayoned areas off and put away the crayons.  We'll just color with the Thomas the Train app for now.

C'est la vie! 
What will YOU learn in September??

Peace and happiness!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Speaking of a Healthy Lifestyle…

… I just finished up with Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge to master organization

and achieve your goals.  Loved the series!  “Got it” by Day 4.  The 30 Day Challenge changes the way you think about how you create your daily and master to do lists and it’s a total kickstart to working towards your goal/goals.  In making over my life, organization and routines have taken the front burner as I attempt to find a happy work/life balance.  Before the Challenge I felt like I was on the hamster wheel, work, clean the same rooms every day (this is a super sore point with me, but I’ve come up with a system that is slowly being incorporated with the people in my house), make dinner, bath, bed, repeat.  Now, I am feeling more in control.  It’s a good feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have A LOT more work to do, but I’ll take it one step at a time.  But for now, I need to make a list…

Have a great day (the weather here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is AMAZING!!!!!)! 

Peace and happiness!

Monday, August 24, 2015


Week In The Life.  I always look forward to this project and it never fails, I do not take pictures.  Or not enough pictures.  Anyway, my weekdays really are pretty much repeats of the day before.  Alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m.  I change the baby’s diaper, get him a fresh bottle and put him in with Kayla.  I shower (unless I did the night before), dress, morning hygiene, the whole shebang.  Grab my lunch, my purse and out the door by 6:25 a.m.  I am super lucky wherein the bus stops at the end of our street and it lets me off at my office building.  If I get to town too early (we are talking 7:00, I’ll stop at the Starbucks located in the Omni William Penn Hotel and have a coffee.  I try to get to work before 7:30 before my attorneys arrive.  That little bit of quiet time helps me focus, catch up on projects, check their calendars for the upcoming week and just get prepared.
Elliot's First Game of Mini Golf 8-20-15
I try to leave the office by 5:00 p.m., though I will stay if needed.  At home, I am greeted by a shout, “GiGi,” and out comes tumbling my 28 month old great-grandson, Elliot.  Followed by my Granddaughter, Kayla.  Once settled, we make dinner, eat, clean up the kitchen.  Next, comes the chart.  We each choose at least three chores and then set about cleaning that day’s designated room.  It’s been so nice out, we will either go for a walk around the block or to one of the playgrounds that are so close.  Take Elliot for an ice cream cone.  Water the garden or just sit on the glider going through the days mail, or reading a magazine while Elliot plays with his yard toys.  Bath time for baby is next, p.j.’s, bottle, bed.
Elliot's Second Game of Mini Golf 8-21-15 (drive in)
Thursday evening, Doug and Kayla wanted to go on a date (they do this every week), but neither drive.  Soooooo, they chose miniature golfing at the Putt Putt in Monroeville.  This was perfect as I was not going to drive back home and pick them up 90 minutes later, so Elliot and I golfed, too.  He cheats.  I did get a hole in one but there was no one there to appreciate it.  Super fun and Elliot was a riot.
Friday Night at The Dependable Drive-In 08-21-15
When I got home from work Friday, we loaded the car with the lawn chairs, filled the cooler with ice, pop and water. Grabbed Kayla’s bff, Kai, stopped at a Starbucks for green tea, organic milk for the babe, and drove out to The Dependable Drive-In.  We arrived early so they could mini-golf before the movies.  Watched Minions (again) and Pixel.  The evenings are getting cooler.  Good thing we packed blankets.  Back home, before climbing into bed, I put a pork roast and onions into the slow cooker for pulled pork barbecue.  We were going on a picnic the next day.
Picnic at Crooked Creek State Park 8-22-15
Saturday, another gorgeous blue sky, sun shiny day.  Loaded the cooler again with drinks and the pulled pork.  Packed slider buns, utensils, paper plates, drink boxes, blankets, towels, swimsuits, lawn chairs and toys.  Loaded the car, drove to Mom’s, repacked her car and off to Crooked Creek State Park we went.  My son Jayme, his wife Tina, three of their brood, my daughter Amanda, her two sons, myself, K and Doug and Elliot and my Mom spent a glorious fun filled Saturday together. 

Elliot at Crooked Creek 8-22-15
Cooling off 8-22-15
Sunday, Elliot awoke at 7:30 a.m.  We started the laundry.  I baked cookies for my Mom which she stopped in to pick up.  We put-zed, sat outside, did more laundry, watched tv.  I thawed a loaf of bread dough, made a flatbread chicken and artichoke pizza and iced chai tea.  It was a lazy, it was restful, it was needed.  And that was my WITL.  HOW WAS YOURS????

Peace and happiness!

Friday, August 14, 2015


Elsie Larsen of A Beautiful Mess wrote on a very heartfelt post on Cyber Bullying.  There is no place for bullying in our society.  It's tough enough in our world today as it is without children being put down, blacklisted, teased and hurt by their peers.  It's bad enough that there are so many children not even safe in their own homes, from their own parents.  
Let me tell you what I tell my kids: Be kind.  You do not know what a person's life is like once they leave the [school] [office] [wherever].  

If you are looking for more information on how to help stop bullying, is an excellent site to start with. 

Have a wonderful, bully-free Friday!

Peace and happiness!


Thursday, August 13, 2015


  •  Project Runway tonight!
    E waiting for a real train to come by.
    Something we do often!
  • Turtle Creek, Pa's Fire Department's Fair.
  • A low key weekend (joke). Seriously, Kayla and Doug are going white water rafting for the weekend.  Soooooo, it will be just me and E and periodically my Mom. Should be low key.
  • Preparing my album for WITL.  Hooray!
  • Setting up the dining room again.  Kids move back home.  Kids move back out.  Rooms get changed, too often.
  • Picking up K's contacts.
  • Stocking up on paper products at Sam's Club.
  • Laundry and cleaning cellar.
  • Yard work
Anything special YOU are looking forward to this weekend? 

 Peace and happiness!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Now for the To-Do List

Last week I talked about my Master To-Do List.  The Grandmaster of them all!  On that list, I have put EVERYTHING I would like to get done.  It includes major projects, like wall-to-wall carpet in most of the rooms, paint jobs, explore if there really are pocket doors between the living room/dining room wall, just all sorts of things.
This week, I thought we could talk about the Daily To-Do List.  I have two.  The first one is crafted based on the fabulous cleaning lists found at The Flylady.  I “discovered” her site years ago and am thankful I did.  I’ve assigned a room to each day of the week.  For instance, Monday we clean the living room, Tuesday, the bathrooms, Wednesday is for the bedrooms, Thursday, because the trash needs to go out the next morning, is for the Kitchen, Friday is the Dining Room, Saturday is for the Entry and Laundry and Sunday is for seasonal outside work, i.e., hose porches, cut grass in summer, shovel walks in winter.
These lists are printed out in bulk and kept in a folder.  The corresponding day’s list is hung on a kitchen cabinet for all to see.  I only ask that one thing be done before I get home from the office.  Check it off and we will deal with the rest in the evening.
Sample List:
Monday’s To Do List
Living Room

Date ______________

Dust furniture
Clean windows
Clean mirrors
Dust knick knacks, picture frames
Organize bookshelf
Declutter magazine rack
Launder cushion covers
Wipe fingerprints
Pick up shoes, dishes, toys, or other rooms into a basket for depositing into other rooms
Gather garbage

I like this method of cleaning as something is getting done everyday and there’s more “weekend” in the weekend.
Now, the second list, is for tasks that I’ve put on the Master To Do List.  Like, rearranging furniture, fixing something, purchasing a blanket, setting up a home office, etc.  I limit the number of items moved to this list to 2 or 3.  As I cross one off, I will add another.
And that’s it! It all fulfills my love of lists and we get stuff done, too.
What about you? What's your modus operandi for getting housework/lifework done?